#TRENDING 11/18/22: We Expect to Gain 5.5 Pounds by January 1st

We Expect to Gain 5.5 Pounds by January 1st, and We're Cool with That


If you're asking for new pants for the holidays, maybe go one size up: The average American expects to gain five-and-a-half pounds between now and January 1st. So about a pound a week . . . and many of us are FINE with it.


42% admit they use the holidays as an excuse to eat whatever they want. And most people start right about now. 60% said they stop worrying about it by mid-November. Here are five ways we go overboard around the holidays . . .


1. Eating more than one dessert after a meal. 41% of us will do it.


2. Eating the same meal more than once a day. Like Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch AND dinner. 35% said yes.


3. Eating more than three meals in a day, 35%.


4. Bigger late-night snacks, 26%.


5. Eating so much we feel sick, 17%.


It also found diets and exercise will be two of the top New Year's resolutions again. But 24% of us are still carrying around extra weight from the holidays LAST year. So it might just be pie-in-the-sky.  



Originally posted on November 18th, 2022

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