#TRENDING 12/12/22: ave on Gas! Drive Around with Bowl of Water in Your Car

Want to Save on Gas? Drive Around with a Bowl of Water in Your Car


This might save you a little money. But is it worth feeling like a weirdo every time you drive?


People online are talking about a hack to save money on gas. Just drive around with an open bowl of WATER in your car. 


The idea is it makes you slow down and not accelerate too fast. Staying under the speed limit is more fuel efficient. And flooring it when the light turns green can lower your gas mileage by up to 40%, according to the E.P.A.


If you want to try it, just put a bowl of water on your passenger's seat, and do your best not to spill it.


One expert says small cereal bowls work great. But don't fill it the whole way. Leave an inch or two at the top. 


(Yorkshire Live)

Originally posted on December 12th, 2022

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