#TRENDING 12/14/22: Jobs Less Stressful Than "Disc Jockey"

Jobs Less Stressful Than "Disc Jockey" Include TSA Worker and Running a Nuclear Power Plant


Have you seen the report on the most stressful jobs in America? The Department of Labor ranked them according to how common high-stress situations and high-stakes decisions are.


"Urologist" is #1. Then it's film and video editors . . . anesthesiologist assistants . . . judges . . . and telephone operators. Or if you're looking for the LEAST stressful job in the world, be a messenger or courier.


The fun part of a list like this is seeing where your OWN job ranks. And according to the results, WE have a pretty stressful job. Of the 873 jobs listed, "radio disc jockey" is 145th. So what we do is more stressful than 83% of jobs.


Here are a few jobs that are LESS stressful than disc jockey: Store security guard . . . embalming dead bodies . . . airline pilot . . . border patrol agent . . . TSA agent . . . disaster response coordinator . . . captain of a boat . . . drive-thru worker . . .


Someone who handles and detonates EXPLOSIVES. (???)  And finally, operating a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT is slightly less stressful than what we're doing right now. 




(You can find the full list at ONetOnline.org.)


Originally posted on December 14th, 2022

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