#TRENDING 12/20/22: Common But Weird Things All Long Term Couples Do

Common But Weird Things All Long Term Couples Do

December 20, 2022

When you’re with your partner for a long time… you’ve been through a lot. You’ve seen each other at all stages, have a level of comfortableness with each other, and totally have your guard down. There are some things that all long-term couples are guilty of doing that can be a bit weird… but normal. Here are five of them.

  1. You text each other from the other room because you’re too lazy to get up. Instead of walking the 15 steps, you’ll ask your boo to see if they know because you need to move a muscle.
  2. You forget each other’s first names. You’ve been using pet names for so long that when someone refers to your SO by their first name, it takes a second to realize who they’re talking/asking about.
  3. You groom each other. You may have once spent hours on your appearance before a date with them… but those days are gone. You may pop each other’s pimples, taken care of each other super sick and gross, or any other not so sexy activity.
  4. You go to the bathroom with the door open. Why would you close the door anymore? They’ve already seen anything. Closing the door just takes extra effort that’s unnecessary.
  5. You shower together and not have sex. You shower together to save time and cut down on the water bill, not to get steamy.

Source: YourTango

Originally Published: 12/20/22

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