#TRENDING 2/15/23: Eight Things an "Average" American Does

Eight Things an "Average" American Does


Someone rounded up stats on random things the "average" American does, and then polled people on BuzzFeed to see how their answers compared. Are you above or below average with these eight things?


1. The average American eats 46 slices of pizza a year. That's only about four slices a month, but 75% said they eat less pizza than that. 


2. Reads 12 to 13 books a year. 47% claim they read more books than that.  (So half of us are reading more than a book a month? Doubtful.)


3. Eats 12.7 pounds of ice cream. That's about one pint a month. 91% said less.


4. The average person only gets two pieces of actual mail a month, not counting bills, junk mail, and packages. 60% said they don't even get that much.


5. 51 minutes per day spent driving. 76% said they don't drive that much.


6. $438 spent on groceries each month. 46% said more, 54% said less.


7. Uses the bathroom seven times a day. 41% said they go MORE than that.


8. 1,500 hours of TV a year, or about four hours a day. Another pretty even split. 45% said more, and 55% said less. 




Originally posted on February 15th, 2023

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