TREVOR D MINI MORNING SHOW: Ask Any Question.... AND Best Pizza in the Area

QUESTION DU JOUR: Ask Any Question..... AND "Best Pizza Place/Pizza in the Area"?

TRENDING: How Many Times Can You Wear Pajamas, Jeans, or Shirts Without Washing Them?

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: 93% of American TV Owners Watched Neil Armstrong Set Foot On The Moon in 1969..... "We Landed On The Moon"!

TUESDAY MORNING MORON AWARD: Man Named Spy Got Caught Spying on Someone at a Cafe Called "We Spy Coffee & More"!

8 O'CLOCK TALK: Would You Want A Job You Love If It Is Low Paying?

ONE MORE THING: Woman Walked Out On A Date Because He Wouldn't Pay $3 Extra For HIS Burger!

Originally Aired: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

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