#TRENDING 3/21/23: Which Leftover Foods Would You Eat Cold?

Which Leftover Foods Would You Eat Cold?


When it comes to leftovers, some people are fine with eating things straight out of the fridge, while others NEED to re-heat ANYTHING that was originally served hot.


The classic example is pizza, but not every food is as popular COLD. So a new poll asked people which leftovers they'd eat straight out of the fridge. Here are the results:


1. Pizza, 83% would eat it cold.


2. Fried chicken, 60% would eat it cold.


3. Quesadillas, 58% would eat them cold.


4. Bacon, 55% would eat it cold.


5. Pancakes, 51% would eat them cold.


6. Burritos, 48% would eat them cold.


7. Buffalo wings, 42% would eat them cold.


8. Fried rice, 40% would eat it cold.


9. Orange chicken, 40% would eat it cold.


10. French fries, 36% would eat them cold.  (With some takeout, you don't even get the option: They're cold by the time you get to them anyway.)


11. Lasagna, 35% would eat it cold.


12. Barbecue ribs, 35% would eat them cold.


13. Hot dogs, 33% would eat them cold.


14. Cheeseburgers, 33% would eat them cold.


15. Mac & cheese, 33% would eat it cold.


16. Brussels sprouts, 29% would eat them cold.


17. Mashed potatoes, 28% would eat it cold.


18. Chili, 17% would eat it cold.


19. Biscuits and gravy, 8% would eat it cold.




(What's the biggest leftover debate in YOUR household?)

Originally posted on March 21st, 2023

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