#TRENDING 5/05/23: Morning Routines: Here's How Often We Shower & More

Morning Routines: Here's How Often We Shower, Eat Breakfast, Make Our Bed, and Brush Our Teeth


Did you make your bed this morning? If you didn't, you're not alone. Over 50,000 people took an online poll on "daily" routines. And it turns out some morning routines AREN'T really routines for a lot of us.


Here are four questions they asked, and how people answered . . .


1. How often do you make your bed? 42% said every day. But 49% said "very rarely" or "never." Another 9% usually do, but sometimes skip it on weekends.


2. How often do you shower or bathe? Only 59% said every day. 28% said a few times a week . . . 12% said it varies based on activity . . . and 1% said "only when I start to smell."


3. How often do you brush your teeth? Only 64% said twice a day. Another 30% said once a day . . . 5% said "when I remember" . . . and 1% said "rarely."


4. How often do you eat breakfast? 43% said they eat breakfast, or at least have a snack, every morning. 27% of us rarely eat breakfast. 




Originally posted on May 5th, 2023

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