TREVOR D MINI MORNING SHOW: If I Was Starving I Still Wouldn't Eat This

QUESTION DU JOUR: Even If I Was Starving I Wouldn't Eat This?

TRENDING: National Pizza Party Day-7% Dip There Pizza in Mayo

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: Almost 50% of People 12 and Older Have Listened To a Podcast in the Last Month

FRIDAY MORNING MORON AWARD: Bad Driver Sends Driving Instructor 1,500 Origami Cranes As A Threat

8 O'CLOCK TaLK: Four Words To Stay Clear Of On Vacation Rental Listings

ONE MORE THING: New Record For World's Most Expensive Ice Cream.... $6,700 per Scoop

Originally Aired: Friday, May 19th, 2023

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