#TRENDING 6/14/23: Everyday Things That "Feel Strangely Illegal"

10 Everyday Things That "Feel Strangely Illegal"


People have talked about things that SHOULD be illegal that aren't . . . but what about things that FEEL strangely "illegal" or wrong, even though they are just normal, everyday things?


There's a thread online where people are suggesting this stuff . . . and you may relate. Here are a few highlights:


1. "Walking through a store and leaving without buying anything. I always imagine I'm about to be tackled on the way out."


2. "Walking into a restaurant, changing your mind, and walking back out."


3. "Owning a flamethrower."  (Which actually are illegal in two states . . . they're banned in Maryland and require a permit in California.)


4. "Passing a police car on the highway, even if you're going the speed limit." And another person said, "Being around a cop in general."


5. "Breaking up banana bunches at the grocery store to get the exact number of bananas you want."


6. "Holding eye contact with a stranger."


7. "Making a cup of coffee inside . . . putting it in a ceramic mug . . . and walking around outside drinking from it. It's not a travel mug, there's no lid. It FELT illegal for some reason."


8. "Telling your barber that you don't like the haircut."


9. "Pulling out a notepad and taking notes about various aspects of a store, or merchandise. That usually attracts a staff person who asks if I need assistance."


(I don't know about this one, but in some stores taking photos can feel wrong . . . even if it's boring stuff like documenting products that you want to do more research on, or to compare prices.)


10. "Putting my phone in my pocket when I'm at the store . . . or opening my backpack in the store to drink from my own water bottle."



Originally posted on June 14th, 2023

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