#TRENDING 6/21/23: It's the Day of Summer! 5 Things We Love About It

It's the Day of Summer! Here Are 15 Things We Love About It


Most people have been in summer mode for WEEKS . . . but if you REALLY keep it real and wait for the official first day of summer, this is your moment: The summer solstice is THIS morning.


For the Northern Hemisphere, this means that this is the LONGEST day of the year. The bad news is: The days get shorter from here on out. But the GOOD news is: We have at least two solid months of being outdoors.


A new survey collected the top 50 moments people love about summer, and it's comprehensive. Here are some of them:


1. Longer days, more light in the evenings.  (Although like I said, they're getting shorter from now on. But yes! Enjoy them while they last.)  (???)


2. Not having to wear a coat.


3. Being able to use your backyard.


4. The smell of freshly cut grass.


5. Eating outdoors, both in your backyard AND on restaurant and bar patios.


6. Seeing flowers.


7. Being able to get loads of washing done.  (???)  (Because you have more time? Or can hang things on the line to dry? C'mon, people. The best part of summer can't be laundry.)


8. Sleeping with the windows open. And driving with the windows down.


9. Going to BBQs. And the smell of grilling in the neighborhood.


10. Getting a tan.


11. Wearing shorts every day. And not wearing socks.


12. The first sip of a beer or a glass of wine on a warm day.


13. Occasionally actually wanting it to rain.


14. Being more likely to be spontaneous.


15. Exercising outside.


(The Sun)

Originally posted on June 21st, 2023

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