#TRENDING 6/22/23: Best Summer Jobs for Teens

The Five Best Summer Jobs for Teens


Did anyone out there have a weird, funny, or unique summer job as a kid? Or maybe one you just loved?


Someone went through every list they could find where experts weighed in on the BEST summer jobs for teens. Here are the top five overall . . .


1. Camp counselor. You make new friends . . . get to do all the activities, like swimming and horseback riding . . . and you also learn leadership skills.


2. Babysitter. It's not always an easy job, but it's one of the easiest jobs to GET as a kid. It can also be a good intro into running your own business.


3. Tutor. It's a good one if your kid's a smarty-pants. And it's even easier now, because you can do it online.


4. Dog walker. Like babysitting, it's another one where you might have a built-in customer base. Plenty of friends and family probably have dogs.


5. Mowing lawns, or doing landscaping. It's physical, so you get a workout. And you get to be outside the whole time. 


(Study Finds)

Originally posted on June 22nd, 2023

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