#TRENDING 6/30/23: Types of People You See at Every Barbecue

Ten Types of People You See at Every Barbecue


What's your technique at a barbecue? Do you grab some food, and then go back if you want more. Or do you just go once and pile as much as possible on your plate?


A new poll found 28% of us are pilers, where your whole plate is covered and there's a mound of food on it. Plate pilers were voted the most common type of person seen at barbecues. Here are the Top 10 . . .


1. The person who piles up WAY too much food on their plate.


2. The person who gets their food delivered to them without getting up.


3. The drinker who keeps asking if anyone else needs another beer.


4. The person who will definitely drop food on the ground at some point. Dogs love that person.


5. The person . . . usually a guy . . . who offers unsolicited grilling advice.


6. The person . . . usually a woman . . . who shows up but doesn't eat anything.


7. The meat-eater who's about to try a vegan option, and wants everyone to care.


8. The person who won't eat with their hands. They always use utensils.


9. The person who wants to take over the music and be D.J.


10. The person who shows up with their own chair.



The poll also came up with four steps you can take to be seen as the "PERFECT" guest at your Fourth of July barbecue . . .


Bring something . . . offer to help the host . . . before you eat, ask if you can get food for someone else . . . and before you leave, offer to help clean up.



Originally posted on June 30th, 2023

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