#TRENDING 8/08/23: Here's Why You Should Never Use Self-Checkout

Here's Why You Should Never Use Self-Checkout


Self-checkout isn't going anywhere. In fact, these days, the self-checkout will probably ask you for a tip.


But there's a criminal defense attorney on TikTok named Carrie Jernigan who says you should NEVER use it. She says it's TOO RISKY . . . because you can wind up getting falsely arrested for shoplifting too easily.


Stores have large, sophisticated teams that examine the tapes of self-checkout looking for shoplifters. 


So if you accidentally take something, once they do inventory and figure out they're off, they'll look through the tapes . . . and report you to the police.


Or they could just make a mistake on inventory and wind up falsely accusing you. Either way, you're looking at a legal nightmare that's expensive and stressful.


But if you MUST still use self-checkout, she says to only use it on small orders . . . use your credit card for proof of what you paid . . . keep your receipt . . . and go slowly so the cameras see everything you scan.


(TikTok / TikTok)

Originally posted on August 8th, 2023

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