#TRENDING 8/09/23: Two-Thirds of Us Watch TV with Subtitles On

Two-Thirds of Us Watch TV with Subtitles On at Least Occasionally . . . Including 13% Who Always Do


Are you someone who doesn't mind having the subtitles ON . . . or do you find them too distracting? Well, it sounds like MOST people turn them on occasionally, even if they know the language AND don't have hearing issues.


In a new survey, 66% of people say they turn their TV subtitles ON at least occasionally . . . with 13% saying they ALWAYS have them on.


There are a lot of reasons people do this, the two most popular are: "Enhanced comprehension" (27%) and to help understand accents (26%).


That's like adding subtitles to understand thicker English accents on British shows, or even regional American accents, especially Appalachian, Southern, and South Boston.


22% of people like to have subtitles on in noisy places. And other reasons include: Hearing difficulties . . . to avoid disturbing others . . . learning a new language . . . "sound sensitivity" . . . and to make it easier to multi-task.


The reasons people DON'T like subtitles include: They're distracting and don't always match the words being spoken . . . they move too fast or slow . . . they can clutter the screen . . . and they're "inconvenient to turn on."


When it comes to watching shows in a different language, subtitles are more than twice as popular as "dubbed" audio.


The survey also had a few other fun stats, like:


8% of us think today's movies and shows don't have enough sexy scenes.


Only 37% of us think the sex scenes we see are realistic.


And 43% of us say sex scenes are "rarely" or "never" important to the story.




(They didn't ask how many people like SUBTITLES during SEX SCENES . . . so, does anyone like following along with stuff like, "[Kissing Sounds]"?)

Originally posted on August 9th, 2023

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