#TRENDING 8/10/23: Apple Is Moving the "End Call" Button on iPhones

Apple Is Moving the "End Call" Button on iPhones, and It Could Cause Unintended FaceTime Calls


Have you ever accidentally FaceTimed someone instead of calling, and suddenly realized you're NOT fit for public consumption?


Apple is updating its operating system on iPhones again. And someone noticed a small but important change in the new beta version.


The red "End Call" button is in a different spot now. Instead of in the middle at the bottom, it's in the bottom right corner. Which in and of itself is no big deal.


The problem is that if . . . out of habit . . . you click where the "End Call" button used to be, you'll hit the FaceTime button now.


So instead of yelling "SCREW YOU!" and hanging up on someone, you could accidentally start a video chat with them. 




 (Here's the layout in iOS 16, versus the layout in the new beta for iOS 17.)

Originally posted on August 10th, 2023

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