#TRENDING 8/30/23: 5 Biggest Tourist Traps in the World Are All in America

The Five Biggest Tourist Traps in the World Are All in America


There's a difference between a tourist attraction and a tourist TRAP. The latter is something that's a major let-down and totally NOT worth it.


"USA Today" just analyzed over 23.2 million Google reviews of the 500 most popular tourist attractions in the world . . . to determine which ones are the LEAST worth the trip. 


And SEVEN of the Top 10 are in America, including ALL of the Top Five:


Four Corners Monument in Arizona . . . the Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts . . . Calico Ghost Town in California . . . the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota . . . and the International UFO Museum in New Mexico.


Blue Lagoon in Iceland is #6. It's the top non-U.S. tourist trap. The other American tourist traps in the Top 10 are: Voodoo Doughnut in Oregon and Pike Place Market in Washington state.


(Thrillist.com has the whole rundown. Scroll down to see the most-overpriced tourist attractions, and the most overrated.)

Originally posted on August 30th, 2023

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