#TRENDING 8/31/23: 46% of Americans Are "Bored" Most of the Workweek

46% of Americans Are "Bored" Most of the Workweek


There's a lot of hype when you're younger about starting an EXCITING career. But in reality, everyone is BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS.


A new study has found that 46% of Americans are "bored" at work for at least three days in the workweek. And 90% of the people who are bored AND who have college degrees say they did NOT see this coming back in school.


71% of people say they are "happy" with their current role . . . but just 35% of people say they "enjoy" their work. And 13% admit to being unsatisfied.


The main problem seems to be jobs that become monotonous. 71% of workers who have been in the same role for two years say that their job "feels too routine." And that's a problem, because MOST Americans WANT to like their job.




Originally posted on August 31st, 2023

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