#TRENDING 9/05/23: Are These Pet Peeves Valid or Ridiculous?

Are These Pet Peeves Valid or Ridiculous?


Everyone's got a few pet peeves. But does the average person think yours is VALID or RIDICULOUS?


Someone asked over 15,000 people to weigh in on some common pet peeves. Here's what they said . . .


1. When someone puts their shopping cart next to the cart return, but not in it. 82% think that's a valid pet peeve to have.


2. When you're watching TV, and the audio and video are even a millisecond off. 89% say valid pet peeve.


3. You want to turn right on red, but the person in front of you is waiting to go straight. 55% say yeah, that's annoying.


4. When someone's driving under the speed limit in the fast lane. 93% think it's okay to get angry about that one.


5. When someone eats around you, but you're not eating. Only 9% say you should be annoyed by that.


6. When someone puts the toilet paper roll on the "wrong" way. 45% say valid. 55% say chill out, there's not really a "wrong" way to do that. 


7. When the "spinning wheel of death" pops up on your computer while something's loading. 55% say it's a valid pet peeve. 45% think you might just need to work on being more patient.


8. When there's only one non-self-checkout lane open at the grocery store in the middle of the day. 80% think that's a valid complaint.


9. When two motorcycles take up two full-sized parking spots. 69% agree it's annoying.


10. When someone in front of you at Starbucks has a high-maintenance order that takes forever. 76% say it's fair to be annoyed at that person. 




Originally posted on September 5th, 2023

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