#TRENDING 9/08/23: Gatorade Is Testing a Brand New Drink . . . Water

Gatorade Is Testing a Brand New Drink . . . Water


Gatorade has announced a new product. It is NOT a neon-colored thirst quencher . . . it isn't an energy drink. . . and it isn't a protein shake. It's WATER.


The product is called "Gatorade Water," and it isn't a joke. They're trying to tap into the growing "functional water" category, which is water that is "enhanced" or "fortified" for additional health benefits . . . supposedly.


Gatorade says it's an electrolyte-infused . . . unflavored, alkaline water . . . that's filtered with a SEVEN-STEP process. And it contains enhanced pH levels.  (That reminds me of those old Secret deodorant ads, "Strong enough for a man, but pH-balanced for a woman.")


There are already brands doing this . . . like Essentia and SmartWater . . . but Gatorade hopes to bring it mainstream with the "credibility" of their brand name.


Speaking of credibility, these fancy waters COULD have special benefits, like improved, all-day hydration, boosting your metabolism . . . and stuff like promoting weight loss, clearer skin, and even being cancer-fighting.


But there's not a lot of science supporting OR refuting those claims. So it might just be expensive water.


Gatorade Water will hit shelves sometime early next year.


(CNN / USA Today)

Originally posted on September 8th, 2023

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