#TRENDING 9/11/23:There's Actually a Competition to Find the Laziest Person

There's Actually a Competition to Find the Laziest Person, and You Can't Even Sit Up


Did you spend ALL DAY yesterday laying on the couch . . . watching football? If so, you might be perfect for this competition of LAZINESS.


The village of Brezna in northern Montenegro, which is in Southeast Europe, holds a bizarre, annual contest, where competitors hope to earn the coveted title of "Laziest Citizen." The winner gets about $1,000.


They've been doing this for 12 years. It started as a way to mock a myth that Montenegrins as lazy people.


This year, there are seven remaining contestants, who have been lying down on mats for more than 20 straight days . . . and counting. They've already smashed last year's record of 117 hours.


They can play on their phones and laptops . . . they can eat, drink, and read. Basically, they have everything they need to do . . . well, NOTHING.


But they are NOT allowed to sit or stand up. They do get 10-minute bathroom breaks, but only every eight hours.


Last we heard, they'd made it through 23 days, with "no end in sight."


(It's unclear if a winner has been named in the last couple days. There wasn't an official update yesterday . . . the reporters in Montenegro are notoriously lazy. KIDDING!)


(Reuters / CGTN)

Originally posted on September 11th, 2023

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