#TRENDING 9/21/23: A.I. Can Now Translate Chickens with 80% Accuracy

A.I. Can Now Translate Chickens with 80% Accuracy


If you think artificial intelligence taking your job is alarming . . . that's nothing compared to this: A.I. can translate CHICKEN-SPEAK?


Scientists from Japan say A.I. can help to understand what different chicken clucks mean . . . with about 80% accuracy.


That's not whole sentences . . . like, "Yo yo yo . . . the living conditions out here are REALLY substandard, man."  (???)


It uses the SOUND of their vocalizations to determine distinct emotional states, including: Hunger, fear, anger, contentment, excitement, and distress.


Obviously, insight like this could be very beneficial in the CARE of animals . . . allowing us to KNOW what stresses them out, without having to guess.


It's worth pointing out that this research is in its VERY early stages. And the study was spearheaded by a Tokyo professor named Adrian David Cheok, who's better known for his sex robot research


(New York Post / Research Square)

Originally posted on September 21st, 2023

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