#TRENDING 9/25/23: You're Washing Your Armpits Wrong

You're Washing Your Armpits Wrong


If you shower twice a day and still have B.O., maybe this is why?


A woman who posts hygiene advice on TikTok claims most people aren't washing their armpits correctly. Here are her two main underarm pitfalls.  (No pun intended.)


1. You're not scrubbing long enough. You should be scrubbing each armpit for 30 seconds, especially if you have hair. Just a few back-and-forth scrubs aren't enough to remove leftover deodorant.


2. You're using the wrong soap. Instead of some "fruity" body wash, she says you should really be using antibacterial soap under your arms. That should remove more of the stink.


Some people think 30 seconds seems like overkill and could irritate your skin, especially if you use a loofa. And someone in the comments said they tried antibacterial soap, but it BURNED. So the advice might not be right for everyone. (NY Post


(Here's the video.)

Originally posted on September 25th, 2023

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