#TRENDING 9/26/23: Husband Accidentally Sent Nude Photo of Wife to Family

A Husband Accidentally Sent a Nude Photo of His Wife to Their Whole Family


Have you ever accidentally sent someone a photo meant for your eyes only? A 27-year-old guy asked Reddit for advice over the weekend after he accidentally sent a nude photo of his WIFE to his entire family, and hers.


They just got married and were on their honeymoon. He shared a bunch of pics from their trip, including one of her topless in a hot tub.


Luckily, it wasn't that bad. Her back was turned, so you couldn't see anything. But it was still racy, and some of her family members don't believe he sent it by mistake. So it's causing drama.


Most people on Reddit said don't worry about it. It was their honeymoon, and the photo wasn't THAT racy. So it'll blow over. But it got people talking about similar mistakes they've made . . .


One guy posted a photo of his topless wife looking out a window . . . and didn't realize you could see her REFLECTION in the glass.


Another woman once took a photo of an "intimate area" to send to her doctor . . . and it automatically got backed up to a shared folder online.


Another woman said she somehow posted a topless pic on Facebook eight years ago, and it still haunts her. 


(Reddit / Mirror)

Originally posted on September 26th, 2023

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