#TRENDING 10/03/23: Subtle Reminders You're Getting Old

Ten Subtle Reminders You're Getting Old


The one thing we've all got in common is no one's getting any younger. Can you remember a specific moment when you realized, "Wow, I'm OLD now." Here are a few of the more relatable answers we've seen . . .


1. When the trendy clothes from your teen years come back in style.


2. When music you used to party to starts playing in an elevator.


3. When you're watching an old sitcom like "Full House", and realize you agree with the parents more than the kids now.


4. When you have to keep scrolling and scrolling to find your birth year in a drop-down menu.


5. When kids start calling you ma'am or sir.


6. When you catch yourself making "getting up" and "sitting down" noises.


7. When you hadn't seen someone's kid since they were six, and now they're 25.


8. When a celebrity pops up in an ad, and you have no idea who they are.


9. When you come across a photo of a celebrity you loved as a kid, and realize they're ancient now.


10. When you're worried you might throw out your back just coughing hard.





Originally posted on October 3rd, 2023

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