#TRENDING 10/09/23: Amish Cell Phone Users Are Being Shunned

Amish Cell Phone Users Are Being Shunned, After Being Outed By Last Week's Emergency Alert


Last Wednesday, everyone's cell phone blared with that emergency alert test. It interrupted meetings and lunches . . . and startled some people . . . but it wasn't that a big deal since it happened to everyone.


Although, it was NOT ideal for people who have a SECRET phone . . . like members of the Amish community.


There are reports online about how some Amish people are being shunned . . . after last week's emergency alert OUTED their hidden cell phones.


A former Amish guy on TikTok says that a few of his Amish friends are dealing with backlash . . . because they had their phones on vibrate, or with the sound off, and they didn't realize the alert would still make a loud sound.


In some Amish communities, this might be a minor offense, but in others being "shunned" is significant . . . and could involve a difficult separation of the person from the community for an extended period of time.


(Daily Star)

Originally posted on October 9th, 2023

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