#TRENDING 10/11/23: Do You Know What "Out of Pocket" Means?

Do You Know What "Out of Pocket" Means? Gen Z Has Another Definition


Do you know what the term "out of pocket" means? How you answer might depend on how old you are.


Merriam-Webster's only definition for it is about money. Like, "out-of-pocket" expenses with your insurance plan. But there are two other ways it's used, and they're a big deal online right now.


A lot of millennials use it when they'll be away from their desk, or unreachable. Like, "Hey, you might not be able to call me today, I'll be out of pocket." But for Gen Z, it means something very different.


Over the weekend, some Gen Z'er posted a video making fun of his boss for using it all the time. He said she'll say things like, "I'll be out of pocket for a few hours this afternoon." And he thinks it's HILARIOUS.


Here's why: To Gen Z, "out of pocket" means "out of character" or "UNHINGED."


So if you say it to a young person, they don't hear "I'll be unreachable." They think you mean, "I'm gettin' CRAZY this afternoon." 


(Insider / NY Post


(Here's a Millennial reaction.)

Originally posted on October 11th, 2023

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