#TRENDING 10/19/23: Way You Butter Toast Says a Lot About Your Personality?

The Way You Butter Toast Says a Lot About Your Personality?


Tea and toast is big in England. We only mention it because a new study found the average Brit butters 574 slices of bread a year. And HOW you butter your toast can supposedly say a lot about your personality.  (???)


They had some psychologist weigh in on how different people do it, and what it says about you. Here are nine buttering techniques, and what each one supposedly means . . .


1.  The Glider. You just toss some butter on, glide it across the bread once or twice, and eat. It means you're laid back, easygoing, and okay with change.


2.  Total Coverage. Every square inch of the bread MUST have butter. You're methodical, precise, organized, and like to be in control.


3.  The Clumper. Minimal spreading. Just one or two pads of butter mashed into the bread. You think outside the box and like to do things your own way. You also tend to be late a lot.  (???)


4.  Would You Like Some Toast with That Butter? If you use WAY more butter than most people, you probably have a happy disposition, enjoy life, and don't mind overindulging.


5.  The Crust-Avoider. You butter the middle of the bread but don't go to the edges. It's a sign you're extremely neat. You don't want to make a mess, so you make sure you "butter inside the lines."


6.  The Double-Sider. You spread butter on both sides.  (Who does that? Is that a British thing?) It's a sign you're creative, live by your own rules, and don't mind being the "weird" one.


7.  Tear-and-Spread. Where you tear pieces off and butter them individually. You're fun, outgoing, and think differently. And you probably have good communication skills, because you have to explain yourself a lot.


8.  The Curler.  (???) They're referencing a specific utensil called a butter curler. If you use anything other than a knife to butter your bread, it means you're smug and tend to think YOUR way is the best way. You're also good at puzzles.  (???)


9.  Barely There. You use just enough butter to get the job done. It means you're a "go-getter" who moves fast and doesn't waste time. Or, you're just on a diet. 


(The Sun)

Originally posted on October 19th, 2023

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