TREVOR D MINI-MORNING SHOW: Something Positive/Sarcastic-Winter in October

QUESTION DU JOUR: Winter in October.... Say Something Positive/Sarcastic

TRENDING: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Using Items You Already Own

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: Even if only 1% of the people on Earth think you're sexy, that means 80

MILLION people are into you.

FRIDAY MORNING MORON AWARD: A Guy Tried to Hire a Hooker for His Miniature Horse

8 O'CLOCK TALK: Best (and Worst) Cities for . . . Vampires

ONE MORE THING: The Inaugural "Florida Man Games" Will Include Beer Belly Sumo and an 

Evading Arrest Obstacle Course

Originally Aired: Friday, October 27th, 2023

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