#TRENDING 10/30/23: Candy Corn Actually Isn't the Worst Halloween Candy

It's National Candy Corn Day, and Candy Corn Actually Isn't the Worst Halloween Candy


It's National Candy Corn Day . . . and there are some trick-or-treaters who hope you'll celebrate by FLUSHING YOUR CANDY CORN DOWN THE TOILET. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic.


A website just conducted a poll where they asked people if they LOVE or HATE various Halloween candies . . . and candy corn did NOT do the worst.


They only asked about the CONTROVERSIAL ones . . . not stuff like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which everyone loves. Here's the list, from most-hated to . . . less-hated:


1. Peeps, 52% of people hate them. And yes, their definition of "Halloween candy" is very broad.  (It's like, if you don't like Peeps, you'll REALLY hate six-month old Peeps that have been in the cupboard since Easter.)


2. Jawbreakers, 45% hate them


3. Dots, 44% hate them


4. Atomic Fireballs, 44% hate them


5. Red Hots, 43% hate them. Spicy candies don't seem to be popular.


6. Candy corn, 42%. For the record, 45% said they LOVE candy corn, and the other 13% claimed they've never had it.  (???)


7. Hot Tamales, 41% hate them


8. Jelly Beans, 35% hate them


9. Almond Joy, 34% hate them. Almond Joys got hate, Mounds don't?


10. Lemonheads, 30% hate them


11. Tootsie Rolls, 30% hate them


12. Nik-L-Nip wax bottles, 30% hate them. I didn't even realize that these were still a thing. Maybe they shouldn't be?


13. Smarties, 28% hate them


14. Mentos, 27% hate them. If you're handing out Mentos to trick-or-treaters, your house is getting egged. Just sayin'. It's like handing out Listerine Strips.


15. Cadbury Creme Eggs, 28% hate them. There ARE Halloween versions of these and Peeps . . . but they're still an odd fit for this list.


16. Dubble Bubble, 27% hate them


17. Laffy Taffy, 26% hate them


18. Bit-o-Honey, 26% hate them


19. Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins, 23% hate them. It's a little surprising that they get such a pass, since they taste a LOT like candy corn.





Originally posted on October 30th, 2023

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