#TRENDING 2/09/24: Is Your TV Ready for the Super Bowl?

Is Your TV Ready for the Super Bowl?


The Super Bowl is on Sunday! Here are four tips on how to get your TV ready so it looks and sounds its best . . .


1. Check your setup. The Super Bowl is being broadcast on CBS this year, which you can get with any cable subscription or antenna. If you've cut the cord, you'll need Paramount Plus or another streaming service that carries the channel, like Fubo or Hulu + Live TV.


2. Have a solid internet connection. If you're streaming the game, you'll need plenty of bandwidth. So maybe upgrade your internet speeds just for this month. And maybe ask the kids not to stream 4K Netflix during the game.


If you're hosting a big party with a lot of people, you might want to have a backup plan ready to go, like an antenna, just in case the internet DOES go out.


3. Use a soundbar. As TVs get thinner and thinner, the audio quality keeps going down too. If you can't shell out for a surround sound system, a basic soundbar would still be a huge improvement over the speakers on your TV.


4. Tweak the picture. You can find guides on the internet for how to best calibrate your specific TV for football. If you don't want to mess with doing it yourself, "Consumer Reports" suggests choosing the "Movie" or "Cinema" setting . . . yes, even if there's also a "Sports" setting.



Originally posted on February 9th, 2024

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