#TRENDING 2/14/24: The Anti-Valentine's Day Movement Is Picking Up Steam

The Anti-Valentine's Day Movement Is Picking Up Steam


Are you someone who HATES Valentine's Day? If so, you're not alone. The "Anti-Valentine's Day" crowd has been growing the last few years.  "The Washington Post" just did a big story on it. 


Some people think it's a "Hallmark holiday" that's only pushed on us to sell cards, chocolate, and jewelry. Others argue it can actually be HARMFUL to your mental health, because single people feel left out and rejected. One part of that argument is kids in school, especially teenagers who don't have a Valentine.


Because of all that, more and more people are coming out against Valentine's Day and even CELEBRATING their hatred for it.


Etsy saw 14% more searches for anti-Valentine's Day merch this year, and 34% more for shirts with sayings like, "Love Is in the Air . . . Try Not to Breathe". The National Retail Federation found 3% of us planned to buy anti-Valentine's Day gifts this year.


So is all this hate deserved, or are people just being dumb? For what it's worth, a big poll this month found only 17% of us enjoy Valentine's Day more than an "average day." 22% said less.


(The Washington Post)

Originally posted on February 14th, 2024

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