The Chainsmokers Want You to Know They're Not Jerks

As The Chainsmokers continue to get more and more successful, it seems they are regretting some of their past interviews.

For example, last year they did an interview with Billboard called "Bros of Summer" and basically the title says it all. They focused on how "good" they were at drinking, and how hooking up with women was their top priority (even though neither of them were single).

Fast forward to today, and the guys have either really grown up or done some serious media training. In a new sit down with NME, Alex says, "It's not about apologizing and back-pedaling.  It's about . . . I don't want to say becoming better people, because that sounds cheesy.  Just keeping it real  [...] Think about what it might look like to a kid who's 10, seeing what we do . . . how that might impact on the way they listen to our music and enjoy our antics."

Check out the full interview here.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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