A Theater is Holding a Special Screening of 'It' Just for Clowns

Just the idea of the remake of Stephen King's It is already terrifying enough for a lot of people, so this just might put them over the top.

A theater in Austin, Texas is holding a special screening of the movie for CLOWNS ONLY. Before the movie there will be face painting, raffles, a photo booth, and quote, "other terrifying merriment."

This is the same theater that held screenings of Wonder Woman for ladies only and a bunch of men got upset about it. In fact, one Facebook comment is actually where they got the clown idea from.

Will there be a male only screening for 'Thor: Ragnarok' or a special screening for 'It' that's only for those who identify as clowns?

The theater responded saying that they might have to steal that idea...and that's exactly what they did.

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