Four Things To Avoid Ordering, According To Chefs

Fun RJ fact, I like my steak well done. Not burnt or anything, just you know, cooked. The "experts" tell me however that a well done steak is a no no. On top of that, there are 3 other items that chefs tell  us to never order when dining out...

1. Well-done steak. Chefs say that they use less desirable cuts of meat because it's harder to notice it on a well done steak. However if you have a specific reason for ordering it such as pregnancy, women SHOULD go with at least medium well. In that case they'll probably use a decent cut. Personally I like my steak the consistency of beef jerky so I don't mind what they long as there's ketchup. 

2. Mussels. They say one bad mussel could make you really really sick. It's so risky in fact that even Anthony Bourdain used to say he would only order them if he knew the chef personally. 

3. Expensive Cheeseburgers. What could be wrong with that you're asking? Well, nothing really, it's just that the markup is ridiculous and it's rarely worth it. They MIGHT be using expensive ingredients to justify the price tag, but the burgers are supposed to be made of cheaper cuts of meat anyway. If you want to waste money that's up to you but that tends to be all it is. 

4. The seafood special. I don't know if I even have to mention this one, but chefs say the special is usually composed of seafood that's about to go bad. So, it's really just a way to clean out the fridge. 

(Business Insider)



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