Black Coffee Drinkers Are Psycho?

So this morning as I was enjoying my third cup of uncolored, unsweetened coffee I was thinking to myself, RJ, you sure are a normal and level headed individual. I thought, you enjoy all the normal things in life like music, theater and black coffee. Now lets go ahead and have ourselves a great Friday. As I normally have such conversations with myself in the morning imagine the debate that followed when I came across an article stating that I may in fact be a psychopath. And that my psychosis may have nothing to do with the fact that I talk to myself on a daily basis, but everything to do with what was in my coffee mug. 

Anyway, according to the article, 1000 people were asked to rate how well they liked certain flavors and then they were given personality tests. Well, the study found that people who liked bitter flavors like tonic water, radishes and of course black coffee were more likely to test positive for personality traits associated with narcissism, sadism and yes, psychopathy. How glorious I thought!! My love of unflavored coffee is more likely to make me want to kick a puppy by lunch. So I read  a little further and found out that liking black coffee doesn't mean you are absolutely a psychopath. The study says the correlation lies in the fact that psychopaths are more likely to enjoy taking risks, and in nature bitter flavors are far more likely to be poisonous, and that's risky you see. A feeling of relief swept across me at this point. RJ is no risk taker let me tell  you. I feel guilty about jaywalking for crying out loud. So, I can tell you that THIS black coffee drinker is no psychopath. Now, my black coffee drinking, sky driving best friends? Well, lets just say I'll be keeping an eye on them. By the way the full story and study and be found on



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