'Tis Better To Give Than Receive?

So I stumbled upon a survey today that found most Americans really DO think it's better to give than to receive. The survey, conducted by Etsy found that 86% of respondents would rather give than get. The Survey also found that about a third of people like to give random gifts throughout the year and not just on the Holidays. Now, this particular article went on to opine that those who said they'd rather give than receive presents were in fact lying. This got me thinking not only about the upcoming holidays but an old episode of friends where Joey and Phoebe argue over the existence of selfless acts. Joey insists that they don't exist. Phoebe argues otherwise and tries to prove him wrong. In the end, Joey wins the argument and Phoebe ends up donating $200 to PBS. You see Joey argued that selfless deeds cannot possibly exist since the "giver" is receiving the reward of feeling good about themselves afterwards. I'm not here to get into THAT debate, I'm just saying it reminded me of that episode. But even if Joey is right, and charitable people, by feeling good about themselves are in some way acting selfishly, does it matter? Shouldn't we all be happy there are people in the world who actually feel good about giving? I bring this up because I am one of those people. There is no better feeling that getting that "perfect" gift for your friends and family, especially on Christmas. I live for this stuff. So I have to say, I totally believe this survey and now I'm more excited for the upcoming holiday than I was yesterday. How would you answer the survey? 

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