Everyone Thinks They're An Entrepreneur

Alright, let's talk about making money today. Now, making money is something I SAY I know how to do, but really, I'm not all that good at it. Despite this fact however, my friends and I never seem to fail to find ourselves brainstorming over the next big thing. I can't count the times we've found ourselves desperately trying to come up with an idea or device that will make us all millionaires. Incidentally I can't count the number of adult beverages that lead to such conversations either. But the more I think about it, there can't really be any harm in these late night aspirations. I believe these conversations keep us young. As the old saying goes, "planting a garden means believing in the future." And I agree with that statement. Throwing around ideas with your pals on a Friday night keeps your mind fresh. It also means you still think you have enough time to "do something" with your life. I personally think it's healthy. 

According to the survey I read today, one in seven Americans think they've got an idea so good that it could actually change the world. It brings to mind the time my friend Jeff thought he'd invented a brand new food item that was gonna make billions. Jeff came up with an idea to sell tacos...in an ICE CREAM CONE!!! I'll never forget the day he told us this gem of an idea. But the real show stopper was what he was going to call this new culinary delight; the TACONE!!! The TACONE?!! "What madness was this?" we asked. Not since the invention of the light bulb has mankind exhibited such creativity. At least that's what we thought before we googled it. Google it seemed, was more than happy to inform us all that there were no less than 3 million "tacone" vendors in the tri-state area. Although initially dejected, Jeff was determined to persevere. He then says, "ok fine, what about a hard shell taco...wrapped inside...a SOFT shell taco?" Awww Jeff I thought. Looking at him through remorseful eyes I said gently, "you mean like the super taco bravo at taco johns?" If there were ever truly a look to indicate you recently witnessed someone relieving themselves in your cheerios, I saw it that day on Jeff's face. I felt bad to inform him of the taco bravo, but he needed to the know the truth, and this time sooner than later. You know what though? That still hasn't stopped Jeff OR the rest of us. I don't know about you, but I plan to continue to brainstorm ideas. After all, there's another old saying that seems to be true; "Throw enough stuff at the wall and somethings bound to stick." I guess the only REAL problem aspiring entrepreneurs have is drive. The same survey that said 45% of Americans are kicking around business ideas, also says a full 41% of those have taken literally zero steps toward making it happen. So, don't let a taco bravo, incident get you down. Follow the advice of ANOTHER old saying: Aim for the moon because even if you miss, you might at least hit a tacone.



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