What Are We Buying On Black Friday

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and that means "black Friday" isn't far behind it. This also means in the very near future we're bound to hear about as many complaints as we are praises about the day. Regardless of your opinions on the existence of black Friday, there WILL be people out shopping. So love em or hate em, what are they spending their dough on? 

According to a new survey, the average American will spend about $520 this year at an average of three different stores and or websites. Here's what we're buying:

1. Clothes, 53%

2. A laptop, 47%

3. A TV, 37%

4. Jewelry, 26%

5. Toys, 25%

6. An iPhone, 25%

7. Video games, 25%

8. Smart home products like Amazon Echo, 24%

9. Kitchen products 24%

10. An Ipad, 18%

(SWNS Digital)



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