"Long Time No See" Is Now Offensive

Just in case you weren't aware, a new phrase has been added to the list of things we can't say anymore. You've probably used it many times over the course of your life, but according to administrators at Colorado State University, it's unacceptably offensive.  The phrase in question is "long time no see," and according to the University, it's disrespectful to people of Asian descent. Why is not clear, though there is some evidence the phrase could be based on an old Chinese saying, but why that would be offensive is also unclear. School administrators have yet to clarify the problem, but they also want people to stop saying "you guys" and say "y'all" instead because "guys" implies gender. They are also pushing the phrase "first-years" instead of freshmen for the same reason. My money is on "y'all" being deemed offensive and derogatory somewhere down the road, but it's safe...for now. 

(Reason/ Rocky Mountain Collegian)



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