The Champagne Of Beers In a Champagne Bottle

I don't know about you, but I've had more than a couple of cans of Miller High Life in my life. Not only do I enjoy them, but I always feel so sophisticated and upper class while doing so; in moderation of course. This must have something to do with the fact that the High Life is the champagne of beers my friend. And when old RJ's on a budget, he just can't pass up such a high society beverage at such a low price. However, one thing has always interested me. I've always wondered why the champagne of beers doesn't come in a champagne BOTTLE! To me this made no sense, but luckily I won't have to ponder it anymore. Miller brewing recently made the announcement that just in time for the holidays, they will be offering Miller High Life in beautiful gold champagne bottles. And for $3.49 a pop, how could you possibly miss?! This means we now all have the opportunity to bring in 2019 with a champagne of beers toast. Delicious AND economical! In fact, if any of you happen to find yourself at my new years eve party, I can almost guarantee you that's exactly whats gonna go down. Cheers!!



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