Only Some Of Us Can Follow This Advice

So, Thanksgiving is next week already. Now, I don't know if you've finished your grocery shopping for the upcoming feast, but If you haven't, I can tell you when NOT to hit your local supermarket. You would THINK heading to the store next Wednesday would be dangerous. Crowded parking lots, picked-over shelves, people clamoring for the last can of cranberry sauce; sounds terrible to me. However, the experts are saying that's actually one of the BETTER days wrap up that thanksgiving grocery list. According to some experts, it's the Tuesday before thanksgiving that's the worst. Why? Well, its because everyone naturally assumes the night before Thanksgiving will be so bad that they try to beat the crowds by going on Tuesday. So there you have it. You're better off wrapping up your shopping the day before Thanksgiving that two days before. Now, all of us can't follow this advice or the advice will no longer be true. So lets say letters A-J can hit up the stores on Tuesday and the rest can venture out on Wednesday. That sounds crazy enough to work to me. Happy Thanksgiving!

(The Daily Mail)



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