Where Are The Best Black Friday Deals

If you're planning on facing the crowds on black Friday 2018, where are the best deals? Wallethub.com analyzed the figures to find the answer to this age old question. First off we've lost a bit of ground the past few years. According to the analysis, the average discount is 37% across all stores; down from 40.2 % just three years ago. On the bright side however, the discounts this year will be pretty much the same as last year. Still there are two stores in particular that stand out from the crowd with major discounts. We won't really have a chance to take advantage of it since the closest one is hundreds of miles away from Grand Forks, but Belk is offering average discounts of 68.9 % this year! Now that is some serious discounting, but it's a southern department store chain so put it out of your mind for now. There is good news though. We WILL have the opportunity to visit a few of the stores tied for second place on the list. According to Wallethub, stores averaging discounts of over 50% include JCPenney, Kohls and Payless. Sam's Club and Harbor Freight will have average discounts of around 25%. Use this information as you will. Also, regardless of the big deals next week, please don't camp out in any parking lots or push anybody down in the aisles. Happy Thanksgiving!!



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