The Magical New Microwave

So there's a new trend on social media these days. Perhaps you've seen it. Grown children are asking their parents how long it takes to microwave a 25 lb turkey and then posting screen shots of their parents horrified replies. I must admit it's pretty hilarious, but it got me thinking of a documentary I watched on the History Channel a few years back. Don't ask me to name said documentary, it was one of those things that was just "on." However, a little google search this morning revealed the documentary, although unnamed, did in fact exist. So, now that we've established I wasn't dreaming, lets just dive right in here. 

When the microwave first hit the American kitchen scene, it was thought to be the greatest culinary achievement of all time. Here was this magic little box that would free us from hours and hours of grueling meal preparation. Now we would be able to cook anything in minutes, maybe even seconds!! I think its really only natural that our nuke loving ancestors experimented with any and every possible food item they could. I mean I get it. It reminds me of the time my friend Jeremy and I bought sonic care tooth brushes. We were so amazed at how powerful they were. Soon we found ourselves wanting to use them on everything. Your mom needs help stripping the paint off that old dresser pal? No worries, we'll tag team it with the sonic cares! That's just how people act when they get new things isn't it? So I for one am not surprised that early microwaving Americans believed they could use their new miracle appliance to cook things we now find shocking. 

Anyway, back to the original purpose of this rant, er, blog post. I was talking about the History Channel if I remember correctly. Well, apparently when the microwave hit the market, so did a little book called "The New Magic of Microwave Cookbook." This book not only had such horrific microwavable recipes as chocolate sauerkraut cake, hot orange drink and STEAK, but it also included a recipe and instructions on microwaving an entire roast beef. Are you kidding me RJ?! I'm afraid not. Google the book yourself and prepare to be disturbed. As crazy as a microwaved turkey sounds, believe it or not the inventors of the microwave so long ago would have thought nothing of the task. They probably would have recommended it in fact. So, yes asking your parents how to nuke a 25 lb turkey is ridiculous, but as they say, there's noting new under the sun-RJ   



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