Half Brothers: A Beer For You and RJ

Half Brothers Brewery in Grand Forks is naming a beer after myself and Trevor D. But we need you to help us come up with a name! The only guideline is that both of our names must be incorporated, but other than that, its up to you. They will also be taking suggestions on what TYPE of beer it should be. Oh, and if we use your idea, we'll hook you up big time. Comment below or on our Facebook page. Your input could get you a choice of Dirks Bentley, Kelsea Bellarini or Pink Tickets! 

I Love all the beers at Half Brothers, so this is an absolute honor. Their bully brew coffee brown ale is a dream come true for me. It's full of flavor but not overly strong. Their seasonals are brewed to perfection and their slightly sour goses are a unique treat that I've enjoyed on many occasions. Another thing that makes Half Brothers so great is their commitment to the community and local artists. As a musician myself I can't tell you how important that is to me. Until now, it's been virtually impossible for bands that write their own songs to find a venue for their  music.  Half Brothers has changed all this. Nearly every night they've got a new local artist on stage showcasing their talents. I've had the pleasure of gracing the stage there a time or two myself and its been a wonderful experience each time. They also showcase artist artists, you know, like painters and stuff; people with abilities I most definitely do not posses. Not only that, but you'll find Half Brothers is a part of numerous fundraising events, with proceeds going to local causes. It's safe to say I believe in the place, and I know you will too. 

Sure it has great beer, but Half Brothers is so much more than that. They have great food too. I use their giant meatballs and fresh baked bread as delicious examples. So really now, let's add this up. They've got great food, great locally brewed beer, local entertainment and they support local causes. That's a pretty hefty list, but there's one more thing to mention believe it or not. I have to add a family atmosphere to the growing list of accomplishments at Half Brothers. You'll notice that the moment you step through the door. This is not your average seedy bar. This is a welcoming establishment, full of smiling faces and good vibes. You can bring your kids to Half Brothers and not worry. I've seen many families enjoy the local music and fun there. The kids can choose from the different flavors of Fanta while mom and dad enjoy a Fanta themselves or perhaps sample a finely crafted local brew. Half Brothers is different. It's special. And it's for this reason that I'm truly honored to have my name associated with what is sure to be another great beer at Half Brothers. Cheers! -RJ



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