Americans More Thankful This Year

Although a cold prevented me from actually tasting any of the flavors at this year's Thanksgiving feast, I was still thankful for the good fortune I've been blessed with during the rest of the year. The good news here is that most other Americans share my views on the matter. 

A new survey found that only 6% of people felt less thankful this year compared to 2017. In fact a full 36% of people were more thankful this year, while 47% felt about the same. Compare this to 2016 when 11% felt less thankful than they did the year before. I guess that makes a little sense since the thanksgiving 2016 followed that one election I seem to remember hearing a little bit about. Anyway The same survey found that the vast majority of American families avoided political conversations all together. Maybe its this new found ability to avoid touchy subjects that contributed to our increased happiness. You never know. 

(survey information provided by YouGov)



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