Things That Make Us Reconsider Online Purchases

Well, it's cyber Monday. I like to call it Black Friday for introverts, but that's a topic for a different time. For now let's talk about America's online shopping habits. A recent survey showed us that not only are there a number of things that can make us reconsider our online purchases, but we actually don't even end up buying many of the items that make their way into our virtual shopping carts.

According to the 2,000 people polled, there are 5 main things that cause us to give up and NOT buy something we've added to our online shopping carts. 

1. Shipping ends up costing too much

2. The discount code we were given doesn't work

3. It turns out it won't be here in time. (This one gets me every year.)

4. You enter your card number, something goes wrong and you end up being asked to re-enter. This gives us time for second guessing our purchase, its also when the lazy people give up. (I've personally been lazy enough to quit in such situations so I am also victim to this situation as well)

5. Remember the credit card issue from way back at bullet point 4? well, the same thing happens here in number 5, but this time with your shipping address. 

by the way, once we add something to our cart, it takes only 22 seconds for us to start having second thoughts. In fact when it's all added up we end up ditching 58% of the stuff we put in our online carts throughout the year. 



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