Ways People Annoy Us At Work

So, Business Insider recently asked some folks what their co-workers do that annoys them the most. I personally have great co-workers and am seldom annoyed. Other than number 1 on this list, non of these really apply to me. How many of these apply to you? Not like any of us can or will do anything about it of course, it's just fun to vent sometimes. 

1. Eating smelly food at their desk. Worst offenders include egg salad sandwiches and seafood in general. I find anything too cheesy or garlicy to get to me the most.

2. Asking too many question. If people ask you too many work related questions, it CAN come off as the person not knowing what they're doing and tends to annoy some people.

3. Being a slob. When co-workers have messy desks it doesn't tend to annoy anyone. People understand it. However, being a slob in the common areas such as the break room really gets on peoples' nerves. So, avoid being "that guy."

4. Interrupting people all the time. Interjecting is one thing, but constant interrupting can send signals that your co-workers are impatient and or disrespectful. 

5. Talking to people in the bathroom while they're in the stalls. Need we say more? A sink conversation is one thing, but over the stall is awkward and intrusive. So, don't be THAT guy either. 

(Business Insider)



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