Three Ways To Avoid Wasting Food

I stopped buying really healthy food a while back. Don't get me wrong, I still buy your normal fruits and veggies, but I don't even bother with the fancy stuff since I know exactly where it's gonna end up. Beyond the wasted kale and shredded wheat grass however, I've on occasion even ended up throwing out what was once glorious bacon from a hidden corner of the abyss I call my fridge. When you're throwing out bacon and long forgotten pork roast, things need to change. So, I thought I'd share the few ways I just learned that can help us all waste less food. 

For one, 94% of Americans admit to wasting food. In fact we all waste about 250 pounds of food per person per year. The average family wastes nearly a THIRD of the food they buy because they either forget about it or simply wait too long to eat it. So, what can we do to avoid this tragic activity?

1. It may seem obvious, but really, organize the fridge. By creating a first in first out system, which means keeping older food in front and newer stuff in the back, you'll be more likely to see and remember things. Also where you put things matters. Cheese and yogurt stay fresher on the top shelf believe it or not. Fruits and vegetables should go in the drawers on the bottom. Just try not to forget about them down there!

2.  Get creative with your recipes. Try find new ways to use all that stuff before it goes bad. There's actually lots of ideas online. Google "leftover ingredients recipes" and you'll be enjoying a sweet goulash of reheated goodness in no time!!

3. The freezer is your friend. Get in the habit of moving things to the freezer before they spoil. Most foods to fine in the ice box. A few that don't are eggs, pasta, cream based soups and some sauces. But for the most part the freezer can save you a lot of dough. Pun totally intended.




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