Six Reasons You're Always Cold

It's pretty normal to feel cold this time of year, in this part of the country. But if you find yourself constantly chilled when no one around you feels the same way, there COULD be a reason. 

1. You have an underactive thyroid. This could zap you of your energy and cause you to gain weight. But no, the weight won't provide extra insulation from the elements. Your thyroid helps regulate your body temperature you see, so when your metabolism is slow it can make you feel cold all the time.

2. You might be anemic. Not having enough iron or B-12 in your blood can make you anemic, which can make you feel cold. It can also make you feel light headed and cause shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate. 

3. You're getting older. I know you definitely don't want to hear this one. But it's true. Your body starts losing its ability to conserve heat as your metabolism slows down at about the age of 60. 

4. You have poor circulation. If you have bad circulation, your hands and feet may feel cold. Heart disease and smoking are two of the most common causes of this.

5. You have anxiety. Stities have found that people with anxiety tend to feel colder than most everyone else. Basically if your brain is getting sidetracked when you're anxious, it can't get regulate your body temperature as well.

6. You're a woman. Sorry ladies, but apparently testosterone can dull sensitivity to one of the main cold receptors in our skin. So guys are less likely to feel cold. I personally don't know how true this is though. Every woman I've ever known has complained about being hot more than cold. I'm just reporting the science. 



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